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House Bill 68: Paper Reduction Act

This bill will cut spending and conserve resources by reducing the number of reports printed by government agencies.

The state spends an estimated $530,000 a year on designing, printing, and publishing agency reports, an expensive habit that has held over from the times when print circulation was the only available option.

Times have changed. This bill requires that state agencies publish their reports on the Alaska Online Public Notice System instead of printing them, and prohibits them from contracting out to graphic designers when there are state employees with the necessary skills available.

Exempt copies that may still be provided when required by federal law, for the state library system, or when designated by the head of an agency. But the changes proposed in this bill will ensures that reports are circulated efficiently and cheaply; are environmentally friendly; don't take up physical space; and can be accessed instantaneously by Alaskans from Nome to Thorne Bay.

This bill will reduce paper consumption and excise waste spending while simultaneously improving Alaskans' access to information.